Executive Business Skills Development and Training Programs
For Working South Florida Business Professionals and CPA's
Instructor: Andrew S. Rosz, CPA
2743 Madison Street, Hollywood, Florida  33020
(954) 922-8040


Dear Working South Florida Business Professional:

For over 20 years, I have individually and confidentially helped many South Florida working professionals and CPA's in both public and private accounting enhance their knowledge and skills in all areas of business, accounting, finance, economics, statistics, mathematics, and quantitative methods. I specialize in comprehensive training programs for CPA's to advance their skills and talents to the next level as often required of key accounting personnel and/or promotion to executive controllership and CFO positions.  For example, controller and CFO candidates may require specialized training in areas of defered tax analysis and SEC compliance, while finance executives may need to enhance their skills in the areas of present value and capital budgeting.  Established business owners can also benefit from targeted discussions involving business valuation models, profitability analysis, and understanding basic financial statements.  Topics of discussion are always flexible and targeted to only those areas of practical application and of special interest to you.

Comprehensive professional development training programs that I offer include...

And some of the more common discussion topics of targeted professional development include...

Your choice.  I cover only those topics of special interest to you and most relevant to your career.  You can choose the topics for discussion or I can suggest topics that I think would be most beneficial to you.  Again, your choice.  My professional background includes a college degree in accounting, licensed CPA for over 35 years, several corporate controllership positions, and CFO of a major manufacturing company for over 15 years (resume and references available upon request).  I am now retired from mainstream corporate accounting and dedicate my time exclusively in helping individuals (college students, CPA exam candidates, and working professionals) enhance their business knowledge and professional skills through a series of regular weekly appointments.  Perhaps I can also be of service to you.  If so, please call me at (954) 922-8040 to discuss your educational and/or career objectives.  Iíll also let you know what appointment times are currently available on my teaching schedule.


Andrew S. Rosz, CPA, Instructor
Executive Business Skills Development and Training Programs
For Working South Florida Business Professionals

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